Rentalot Plus is a Joomla Component. It should work in any well-behaved Joomla Template.

This site uses a very simple Joomla Template, to show you Rentalot Plus in a neutral, "no frills" format.

For your own site, you will need to choose a Joomla Template that suits your business. There are tens of thousands of Joomla Templates to choose from, ranging from free to expensive, and from simple to very complex. The only advice we like to give is to avoid the big, complex templates that come pre-packaged with numerous other extensions. They are rather like buying a computer with a lot of pre-installed software; they don't work very well until you uninstall most of it.

Rentalot Plus has many configuration options to customise its appearance, functions, and words. If you know CSS you can also control all of the colours, fonts and icons. How much you customise your site is really up to you.

You can download the template we use on this site. It's free, comes with a selection of top images, and you can customise the text and some of the colours in the Joomla Template Manager. You could use it to get started with your own site and then switch to a different template later on. The download page also explains how to copy the pagination button styles from the demo template to your own template.