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This is the Search view with the Search Panel disabled. This works well for sites with several properties - or just one! The list shows the unit descriptions above the Read More link, including any plugins. Clicking the Read More link shows the whole unit description. Click on some of the Read More links to see some examples.

Les Arbres(Sleeps: 14)

Unit Descriptions can include formatted text, pictures, and any number of Joomla plugins. So it's easy to include things like a Google map, photo gallery, video ... or even one of the Rentalot Plus plugins.

Below is an example of a picture gallery plugin. You can also include the usual Joomla "Read More" link.

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The Nook(Sleeps: 2)
January 2022
Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr
 1   2   3   4   5   6   7 
 8   9  10 11 12 13 14
15 16 17 18 19 20 21
22 23 24 25 26 27 28
29 30 31        

The unit description for this unit has the Rentalot Plus daily plugin embedded. In this case we have chosen to display the Daily Plugin in condensed mode. where it shows one month at a time with a dropdown list of months.

Since unit descriptions can be included in any view, the scope for combining the various views is almost limitless. You need to be careful not to over-use this feature as it can become confusing!

Depending upon which view you choose to display and whether you show the unit description or not, you can end up with a page which allows you to read all about a unit, view its availability and book it.

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Bord de la Mer(Sleeps: 15)

If you and your family or a group of friends wish to get together for a fun-packed holiday right by the beach, then come to Bord de la Mer. This villa is big enough to cater for everyone's needs and yet still supply enough space for no one to feel crowded.

And at the end of a busy day, how about having a dip in the sea right outside your front door. After that, a barbecue while watching the sun go down over the sea - nothing can beat that holiday feeling!


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The Palms(Sleeps: 8)

The Palms is a medium sized cabin within a complex. Although the complex provides full facilities including a number of restaurants, fitness classes, pool, barbecues for use by guests etc., the cabin itself is independent so you won't be worried by the noise of other guests having fun late at night.

Television, mini-bar and tea-making facilities are available in the cabin. However, if you fancy going out for the night, the nightlife in the local town is only about 10 minutes walk away.

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