This is the demonstration site for Rentalot Plus. You can access the back end and change much of the configuration. The database is automatically restored to its default state every hour on the hour, so nothing you change is permanent. Even so, please don't do anything that would mess the site up for other users, and please don't enter any real personal information. If something seems messed up, come back in an hour. If it still isn't right, please contact us on our real site here.

To login as admin, go here, and use the user-id "demo" and password "demo". The default language is English but several language packs are installed.

If you wish to try making a booking from the front end using a discount voucher, you may use vouchers LA001 through to LA004.

Rentalot Plus offers a great deal of flexibility in presenting your properties and their availability. The style you choose will depend on many things, including the number of properties you have and the nature of your business.

This site mixes many styles in order to demonstrate the flexibility available - something you would not do on a real site. We hope you find a style here that suits your needs.

Most of the examples here show multiple rental properties, but Rentalot Plus works equally well for one property: The unit selector simply doesn't appear. Similarly, if you only use one currency, the currency selector doesn't appear.

We don't receive any emails from this site, and nothing is really for sale. All names, accounts, email addresses, etc, are fictitious. You can't book any real accommodation here.