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You can configure an enquiry view, or you can enable enquiry buttons in any of the other views. Either way, you end up with a page like this. Like the other views, there are lots of options. For this example we have enabled the unit description and extras, and chosen to include the "easy maths" captcha system. You can include several extra fields and there's an option to include a privacy policy acceptance check.

Unit Descriptions can include formatted text, pictures, and any number of Joomla plugins. So it's easy to include things like a Google map, photo gallery, video ... or even one of the Rentalot Plus plugins.

Below is an example of a picture gallery plugin. You can also include the usual Joomla "Read More" link.

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Beach Pack €30,00 Per week 10 beach towels, cool box, 2 ice packs, 2 parasols
Towel Pack €30,00 Per week 10 Bath towels, 10 hand towels
Bed Linen €10,00 Per person per week Additional bed linen per bed
Travel Cot €10,00 Per baby per day
High Chair €10,00 Per baby per booking
Exit Clean €100,00 Per booking For large properties