The Nook (Übernachtungen: 2)
April 2020
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Die Gerätebeschreibung für dieses Gerät verfügt über das täglich installierte Accessot Plus-Plugin. In diesem Fall haben wir uns entschieden, das Daily Plugin im kondensierten Modus anzuzeigen. Wo es einen Monat zu einer Zeit mit einer Dropdown-Liste von Monaten zeigt.

Since unit descriptions can be included in any view, the scope for combining the various views is almost limitless. You need to be careful not to over-use this feature as it can become confusing!

Depending upon which view you choose to display and whether you show the unit description or not, you can end up with a page which allows you to read all about a unit, view its availability and book it.

This villa is a real favourite, so if you wish to book please do so early otherwise you may find that we do not have a vacancy!